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“Royalty is only for chosen ones”! An expensive style of living and an extravagant life does not necessarily mean you are living a Royal lifestyle. Royalty is elegance and luxury, a stature not everyone can hold. But you are the queen of your home, give your palace a little makeover and indulge in exquisite luxury experienced by the riches. With Homey Designs bring the classic, tradition of hand-carved sofas that will speak volumes of your high status. Live like queens and kings in your castle called Home”.

Features of Homey Design Sofas

No matter how expensive a modern-day couch you buy, they can never replace the sheer magic and elegance created by the look and style of traditional luxury handcrafted sofas. While I enlist for you these fantastic features of traditional couches by Homey designs, its sure will mesmerize you:

  • Top-quality solid wood that is durable and strong.
  • Best artisans and carpenters that exclusively handcraft every minute carving and details of the sofas to bring alive the golden era of Royal Palaces.
  • Antique designed inspired by ancient Royal furniture from across the world.
  • Rich Furniture fabric using high-quality luxury materials like silk, jacquard, velvet, and more. Extravagantly embroidered fabric with rich shine and luster reminds you of the expensive furniture of ancient times. 
  • The glossy lacquers finish, and dramatic styles both in wood and metal make the sofas outstanding and extraordinary.
  • The use of Rhinestones in the décor of the furniture adds to the elegance and luxury to the glamorous look of the couches.
  • Royalty looks best with rich colors like brown, beige and gold.

All these sofas will take you down to the memory lane when Kings and Queens ruled the world, and their Grand Palaces were decorated with such elegant couches — still dreaming of living that fairytale kind of lifestyle? Well, here is a chance to get to live the life King size. 

Why Homey Design Sofas?

The Homey Designs is your one-stop solution for all your traditional furniture needs. From King beds to lavish sofas, dressers and carved tables, frames and much more. Homey design offers a wide variety of furniture that will meet the needs of all your furniture requirements. From the living room to the bedroom, dining tables, study room furniture, cupboards, chest of drawers, and various accessories. 

The homey design has been doing great business for over fifteen years and has secured for itself a name of trust, quality, and supremacy in classic, royal, and traditional luxury sofa designs. The collection of Homey Designs is based on European, Victorian and Traditional culture that will impart a luxurious style of living to your home. You can easily reach out to the highly supportive team of Homey from their website or call them, and they will get back to you. The best way to shop for exotic, luxurious and impeccable sofas is through Homey design. So what are you waiting for, redefine your home and live in the palace of your dreams. Happy shopping!