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Luxury Dining Tables

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Are you tired of your same old dining room set up? Or is it that you don't even use the dining room anymore? Would you like a rich, royal luxury ambiance to change all that? 

Traditional and antique furniture can help you instantly upgrade your whole dining experience. Now, what does "traditional" exactly mean? While traditions can be very different for everyone, the western traditional furnishing is usually inspired by the 18th-century royal European decor.

Homey Design Store offers a curated collection of antique finish and classic luxury dining tables and accessories for anyone who wants their dining to exude lavish elegance and comfort.

Features of Classic Dining Tables by Homey Design

The classic style of dining rooms is evergreen and is essential in case you frequently entertain guests. If eating on your couch while watching the TV seems more comfortable, then you probably have the wrong set of dining furniture. 

The food and dining of a host is the biggest show of hospitality. But don't just think of your guests, indulge yourself. Why should you not have a regal luxury experience every time you have a meal and share it with your family sitting at the same table and facing each other with no other distractions? And of course, eating is an experience. The ambiance can very well influence the pleasure and taste of your food.

High-Quality Materials

The company has always proudly presented not just sophisticated designs but also high-quality materials and built. Each piece has a solid rich wood frame upholstered with luxury chenille fabric. The pieces also come with plush cushioning and accent pillows. You will find everything you might need to complete the look all in the same place.

Rich Accents

The dining table collection is also ornamented with details of wood carvings and decorations, the rich designer fabric is embroidery with extremely intricate designs accentuated by rhinestone applications. The furniture is polished with glossy lacquer and has a gilded or silvered finish to complete the antique luxury look and feel. The Brown, gold and beige color scheme are chosen after many considerations to look the best and project a soft, delicate image while being sturdy and durable. These soft colors truly bring out the Victorian influence and give your room an uplifting makeover.

Traditional color scheme

In case you would like slightly darker tones on your furniture, the collection of rich, dark polished woodwork is sure to catch your eye.

With designs worthy of royals, these dining sets will surely give you a royal luxury ambiance and bring back interest to a room where you can sit with your whole family at the end of the day and discuss the day's nuances while enjoying your meal.

Where to buy Homey Design Dining Tables

Homey Design Store is the best way to choose your new set of classical luxury furniture by Homey Design. You can check the quality and finish of the products yourself and rest assured, you will be pleased. You will get a glimpse of the luxury you can bring home to your every meal. Homey Design has been in business for over 15 years and has always provided the best designs and quality product at a very reasonable price range, even without discounts! 

While online shopping, you will get what you see as the listings are very accurate but do visit the store. Where else would you find a branded luxury store with the fullest range of sophisticated furniture models by the company? They also boast of a skilled customer service which will guide you to what is perfect for you, you can email them and will be attended to 24 hours a day.