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Homey Design Luxury furniture

How do we understand luxury furniture? Luxurious furniture is beautiful and elegant furniture for people with impeccable taste. Such furniture has been used for many centuries in the homes of notable and famous people. We have luxury Italian factories that will satisfy the taste of sophisticated people. The most expensive furniture with gold.

Furniture brand Homey Design Inc is located for 20 years specializes in the manufacture of upholstered furniture in a modern style and the direction of art deco. The pleasant design, developed by the talented designers, at the same time spectacular and elegant, will allow you to transform your home and will give aesthetic pleasure and comfort.

Living room furniture Homey Design is produced in a modernly equipped factory, with the participation of female staff, which is experienced and competent, who carefully selects details and volumes, in a bold interpretation of the past with the help of simple and natural materials. Use only environmentally friendly and durable textiles, natural leather and filling of down and feather and polyurethane foam.

Classic luxury furniture

The conceptual basis of the design of a furniture company is in the reproduction of historical models, as well as in their modern interpretation. Materials - solid wood, high-quality genuine leather, metal and the most diverse textiles: silk, satin, velvet, organza, taffeta, etc. Each piece of furniture with a wooden base is decorated with elaborate hand-made carvings, and many textile elements, such as upholstery, pillows, curtains, canopies, and lambrequins, are exquisite monogrammed embroidery.

The most expensive furniture with gold

For true connoisseurs of luxury furniture and those who want to have only the best in the house - a luxurious bedroom with beautiful finishes, an elegant kitchen or an elite office - we have selected the best furniture craftsmen. This ideal furniture will satisfy even the most refined taste.

For years, Homey Design Inc furniture designers have been the trendsetters of fashion and style in the manufacture of furniture, improving their products, and setting the highest standards of quality and beauty. Perhaps no furniture brand can compare with Homey Design in the matter of furniture manufacturing.

Furniture brand Homey Design produces luxurious furniture and accessories for interior decor. Here, special attention is paid to textile finishing, because fabrics have ultimate importance in luxury interiors. We still believe that textiles rule the game and it is the impressive textures of the finishing fabrics that give the interior richness.

Royal interiore

Beds from the bedroom sets of the brand are always decorated with high headboards with soft textile upholstery, and luxuriously selected finishing fabrics for canopies, bedspreads, decorative pillows and lamp shades can turn any bedroom into a royal apartment. The same fate awaits the living rooms, lounges and children's rooms, because the Homey Design style is generous, luxurious, spectacular and always ceremonially solemn!