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We know how it can get complicated when looking for the perfect bed that fits and reflects your personality. The stress of hopping from one store to another looking for that one design that will steal your heart and make you fall in love instantly. Sometimes, because of the stress, most people settle for whatever they can find. Those who have seen our work are always extremely satisfied, the look on their faces is always like “oh thank God I have found what I have been looking for”. There is nothing as fulfilling as having in reality, the picture you create in your mind.

The traditional design of beds has remained very popular for quite a number of years for a good reason due to the fact that it fulfills the royal,rich and exclusive ambiance anyone can dream of. Although most people see tradition as something related to the past, the truth is, it doesn’t have to be boring or fussy or filled with antique. At homey design beds, we have curated classic luxury design mixed with royalty and rich colors to make the beds look attractive, gorgeous and fulfilling while offering while making you feel super comfy.

Features of Homey Design beds

Rich woods: one of the key components that make beds last for a long time is the type of wood being used. Using the right rich wood will guarantee that the beds will not only last but can hold enough weight. Weak woods tend to make beds collapse which can result in injuries being sustained. At Homey design beds, we are very much aware of how important this component is, hence we guarantee that all our design have a rich solid foundation that proves its quality over time of usage.

High-quality fabric for Headboards and Footboards: it is sometimes very easy to tell if a substandard quality of the fabric is being used. But most times it takes only after you have purchased a bed and use it before you start to discover that the quality isn’t what you expected it to be. With the different grade of fabrics in the market today, it might seem difficult to identify a quality fabric. Knowing this can be very challenging, we have taken it upon ourselves to source only quality luxury fabric from trusted sources only to build various designs that will leave you amazed for years.

Accents: With our unique carved wood details, classic and beautiful embroidery designs, a touch of rhinestones in décor and gilded/silver finishes, we offer you a complete royalty feel with our work and understanding how you feel about these has made us crafted several varieties of beds each unique in its own way.

Our main colors are brown, gold and beige with a touch of some highlight colors that will bring your reality to life. With homey design beds, you don’t just dream, you live your dreams. This is what makes homey design beds the best of its kind offering you all you can ever ask for in terms of style, quality, and comfort. 

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To save you of the stress and confusion of getting your desired bed, your best bet is Homey Design, our branded store with the fullest range of designs offering even discounts and 100% customer service.