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Luxury Bedroom Sets

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Traditional interior design prides itself on its exemplary elegance and luxury that depicts a timeless style with classic art pieces. Bedroom sets by Homey design couldn’t get any better. The royal and exclusive ambiance incorporated in the design of this bedroom furniture has been fused with bold accent colors to create an inviting space. 

If you love rich tones, dark woods with neutral paint colors, then you will love the variety of bedroom furniture in this collection. Inspired largely by the 18th to 19th-century regal fashion, these luxury types of furniture come embraced with tufted upholstery, curved lines, and refined wood paneling. 

Features of Homey Design Bedroom Sets

The wide range of traditional furniture is made from the heavier wood species; mahogany, cherry and maple trees. High-quality fabrics such as velvet, silk, and leather have also been used for cushioning and padding. The armchairs, button-tufted pieces, carved wood, glossy lacquers, and the metallic details have a luxurious touch that ends with traditional décor patterns.

Crafted with passion and precision, these sets come with classical and casual furnishings. The décor focuses more on the finer attributes, the contrast of warm colors and the homely feel from the antique collection. Order and consistency are the most essential aspects of these designs and everything else comes in through the details.

Architectural aspects such as luxury royal columns and crown molding have also been adopted in these sets. Apart from predictability, a sense of familiarity, comfort, and accessibility will fit in just perfect with the keen patterns of rhinestones. This will add a spark of opulence and luxury to your room without the unnecessary exaggerations.

The silvered finish on furniture brings out the lustrous and dazzling luxury of silver to furniture. The main colors used with the furniture sets are beige, brown and gold. All of which compliments the symmetry, harmony and friendly charm from the traditional interior design. 

If you’re looking for a traditional furniture set that will augment the ornate beauty in your bedroom and create a striking balance between the conflicting focal points; Homey Design Furniture has got you covered. Make your interior design sparkle and blend it with your unique lifestyle without compromising on your financial health. Each set among the varied products in the category receives the same attention to keen details; from conception, design all through to completion, purchase, and delivery. 

Where to buy Homey design bedroom Sets

Whether you’re shopping the market for a timeless statement piece, or you’re just looking for a furniture set that’ll bring that symmetry, look no further. Buy these products with confidence as they have been handpicked, cured and streamlined to guarantee that unique and impeccable luxury look. They have also been tested for quality to ensure the highest of standards. 

When nothing short of spectacular will do, turn to these impressive pieces of traditional bedroom sets from the reputed Homey Design Furniture. Homey Design Store is dedicated to offering the best of furniture models to all its esteemed customers and has passed the test of time with a good reputation in the market. Attractive discounts and lively customer services will let you enjoy an exclusive shopping experience.