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Luxury Dressers and Chests

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Elegant home is comforting and welcoming to all. It provides a lush luxury place where you can relax after a hard day at work. You can make your home elegant by furnishing it with dressers and chests from Homey

Design. They are beautiful, classy and long lasting. This furniture is also highly exclusive and can transform your humble home into a royal palace. By purchasing Homey Design furniture, you can make your house stand out from the rest in an exclusive way.

Features of Homey Design Dressers and Chests 

Vibrant, durable materials

The dressers are made using a wide variety of tasteful, vibrant materials. Hardwood is extensively utilized to make these Dressers and chests. It is beautiful and guaranteed to last for centuries. Some examples of the hardwood used to create these dressers and chests include Walnut, Oak, Maple, Mahogany, and Lyptus. 

The hardwood develops a rich patina over time. As such, your dressers and chests develop a beautiful glow as you use them at home. The furniture is also sealed in glossy lacquer. This prevents moisture from getting absorbed into the wood and maintains the structural integrity of the furniture for many years.

Combinations of materials

The wood is complemented using a range of exquisite luxury materials. Some of these are traditional fabrics such as silk and sheer. The dressers and chests are also reinforced using metals such as stainless steel, chrome, and brushed aluminum. These metals are excellent for making the handles and knobs for the furniture. They are also ideal for decorating the edges as well. 

An amazing feature of Homey Design dressers and Chests is that they have beautiful antique carvings. Some popular ones include lions, fleur de lis lilies and Roman inscriptions among others. 

Eye-catching decoration

No effort is spared in decorating the dressers and chests at Homey Design. They are covered using decorative items such as rhinestones, gold, and silver. These rich decorations are intricately applied to resemble flowers, icons and even inscriptions. You can have the dressers and chests custom decorated as well. 

Inviting colors

At Homey Design, the furnishings have warm colors. Examples of these are brown, gold and beige. These colors are versatile and can fit within many types of interior decoration. As such, you can still express your creativity after purchasing the chests and dressers. 

Where to buy Homey Design Furniture

You can buy regal dressers and chests from Homey Design. They have an interactive, user-friendly online shop. Simply visit the website and navigate through it. You will find thousands of classic luxury dressers, chests and other types of furniture on offer. The online shop is fully branded. Furthermore, you can enjoy special offers such as discounts, multiple payment options. Should you require some help making or tracking your order, the website provides exclusive customer service. 

At Homey Design Store, you can browse through the most luxurious items of furniture. They are all developed according to timeless craftsmanship. For more than 20 years, the store has satisfied consumers by providing unique, beautiful and functional furniture. Today, Homey Design is an icon in the field of luxury home design. Are you searching for classy, royal dressers and chests for your home? Look no further than Homey Design. Browse through their collection and you will find that iconic piece for your home!